Quality Fuel You Can Trust
Quality Fuel You Can Trust

home heating payment plan

Budget Payment Plan

The Klass Oil Budget Plan offers an easy and efficient method for spreading your home heating costs over 12 months, ensuring your home is always supplied with our high-quality home heating oil.

Enjoy a generous €40 credit when you sign up for our Budget Plan. Benefit from our superior customer service and priority deliveries.


  • Join for free, with no administrative or interest charges.
  • Develop a credit balance in your account through manageable monthly payments.
  • Upon sign-up, we'll credit your account with €40.
  • We'll only adjust your monthly payment amount with your direct approval as the account holder.

How it Works

  • Place your first order through our convenient online system.
  • All initial orders from new Budget Plan customers require a deposit of €400 on the first delivery. Future deliveries will be covered by your regular monthly payments.
  • The first Direct Debit transaction must be processed before you can place another order. The first order must be a minimum of 500 litres.
  • We recommend a minimum monthly payment of €150, but this may vary based on your oil consumption over the Budget Year.
  • The Budget Plan year runs from 1st June to 31st May of the following year. All account balances should be cleared by 31st May, allowing you to accumulate credit towards your next order.
  • To ensure your outstanding balance is cleared by the end of May, we may request a one-off payment during the year.
  • Our Budget Plan is completely transparent, with no hidden fees or interest charges. The price you pay is the price quoted on the day of delivery.

How to Apply

Simply call our customer service number to set up your account over the phone, or complete the Klass Oil Budget Plan Application form and return it to us.

Contact us directly, and we'll promptly send you the application form.