Quality Fuel You Can Trust
Quality Fuel You Can Trust

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Experience the ultimate in comfort and reliability with Klass Oil. We are your go-to source for the lowest kerosene prices and top-quality home heating oil. As a beloved local Irish supplier, we are more than just a service provider – we are an integral part of your community. With our unwavering commitment, we bring warmth to homes across twelve counties: Carlow, Dublin, Galway, Kildare, Laois, Longford, Meath, Offaly, Westmeath, Wicklow, Wexford and Mayo.

At Klass Oil, we are deeply connected to the local community. We don't just provide affordable heating solutions; we also create jobs and support the growth of our community. But it doesn't stop there. Our commitment goes beyond business - we are dedicated to fostering sustainable community development.

The Klass Oil Advantage

At Klass Oil, we specialise in Kerosene - the ultimate home heating solution. With its efficient 28-second burn rate, our product leads the industry. But it's not just about performance. Kerosene is a game-changer for modern heating systems. Its clean-burning nature reduces emissions and supports global efforts to protect our environment. When you choose us, you're making a decision that benefits your home and the planet too.

Experience ultimate comfort and efficiency with Kerosene. This powerful fuel delivers exceptional heat output, keeping your home cozy all winter long. It's the preferred choice for heating systems and boilers, known for its cost-effectiveness, high performance, and eco-friendly nature. Say goodbye to chilly nights and hello to a warm haven of sustainable luxury.

Experience the long-term benefits of using pure Kerosene. Its clean-burning power reduces soot and debris buildup, resulting in less maintenance and a longer lifespan for your heating systems. Say goodbye to costly repairs and hello to efficient, reliable warmth.

Choose Kerosene from Klass Oil for quality and community. We're not just a heating solution; we're a local Irish supplier committed to efficiency, care for your home, and our environment. At Klass Oil, we deliver exceptional service while staying connected to our communities. Embrace a warmer, sustainable way of life with us.

Warmth & Care Delivered Locally

At Klass Oil, we don't just provide heat for your home. We promise quality and care for our community. Specialising in high-grade Gas Oil and Kerosene, we are an essential part of local Irish life.

Our team is dedicated to serving the community. As proud Irish owners, we believe in the power of being local. Our employees are your neighbors; familiar faces from your area, not distant voices on a phone.
We understand the importance of heating during Ireland's snowy winters and chilly nights. That's why we're committed to being there for you. With our knowledge of local weather patterns and community needs, we offer more than just a service - we provide a lifeline during those cold spells. But it doesn't stop there. We believe in offering great value as well as excellent service. Competitive prices are just the beginning; we also show our gratitude by providing additional benefits when you choose us as your trusted oil supplier. At Klass Oil, our goal is not only to keep your home warm but also to strengthen the bonds within our community. With every delivery, we fuel homes while nurturing the relationships that make our communities thrive..

With Klass Oil, you're choosing a service that goes beyond just delivering heating oil. You're choosing a partner that understands and caters to the unique demands of rural Irish living, ensuring that even off the grid, your home remains a haven of warmth and comfort.