Quality Fuel You Can Trust
Quality Fuel You Can Trust

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Klass Oil are the backbone of Agriculture Nationwide

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As Ireland’s leading independent oil supplier, we at Klass Oil are dedicated to meeting the diverse fuel needs of domestic, commercial, and agricultural sectors. We provide a variety of high-quality oils, including Gas Oil, Kerosene, Road Diesel, and Unleaded Petrol, ensuring same-day delivery six days a week. Adhering to NSAI standards, we strive for absolute accuracy and professionalism, offering our customers the best fuel solutions.

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At Klass Oil, we understand the crucial role of a reliable oil supply in maintaining your home's warmth and comfort. Our domestic service delivers high-quality Gas Oil and Kerosene, ideal for home heating solutions. With a guarantee of same-day delivery when ordered before AM, six days a week, we assure your household never runs out of fuel. Committed to professionalism and accuracy, all deliveries are metered per NSAI standards, ensuring you get precisely what you order. Trust Klass Oil, your steadfast partner for home fuel needs.


Klass Oil is your trusted partner for comprehensive commercial fuel solutions. We provide high- quality Road Diesel for vehicles and Gas Oil for commercial machinery, ensuring your business operations run smoothly. With our commitment to same-day delivery six days a week when ordered before AM, we keep your fuel supply steady and reliable. All deliveries are metered following NSAI standards, guaranteeing precision and consistency. Choose Klass Oil, and experience Ireland's leading commercial fuel service dedicated to empowering your business.


At Klass Oil, we are committed to supporting the lifeblood of Ireland - our agricultural sector. Our agri service offers premium Gas Oil for your farm machinery and commercial vehicles, ensuring seamless operation and productivity. Promising same-day delivery six days a week when ordered before AM, we aim to keep your farming activities uninterrupted. Every delivery is metered in line with NSAI standards, assuring precise quantities every time. Rely on Klass Oil, your dependable partner for agricultural fuel requirements.

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