Quality Fuel You Can Trust
Quality Fuel You Can Trust

Home Heating Oil and Oil Fired Cookers

Expert Care for Your Oil-Fired Cookers

At Klass Oil, we know your oil-fired cookers, especially your beloved Aga Cookers, play a central role in your home. We recognise the importance of the meticulous delivery of kerosene to ensure the optimal performance of your cooker. Even a minimal amount of contamination can cause a significant decrease in your cooker's performance, leading it to clog up with soot.

We have devised a rigorous process to prevent any such issues. It is crucial for our oil delivery driver to eliminate any chances of product contamination by thoroughly clearing the delivery hose. This step is crucial, particularly when servicing Aga Cookers, where the purity of the oil is paramount.
During their training at Klass Oil, we emphasise to all our drivers the importance of maintaining the integrity of their delivery hose. They are instructed on avoiding any product contamination, which can occur if a different product was delivered immediately prior to kerosene.

When a customer lets our sales team know that they require kerosene for their cooker and provides the brand of the cooker, we ensure this information is passed onto our drivers. This alerts them to the critical need to clear their delivery line prior to delivering to any customer needing kerosene for their cooker.

This meticulous attention to detail has earned us the trust of many heating engineers who specialise in servicing cookers. They confidently recommend Klass Oil to their customers for all their kerosene requirements. Our commitment to cleanliness, purity, and customer satisfaction guarantees that your oil-fired cooker performs at its peak, warming your home and cooking your meals just the way you like them.