Never run out again with Klass Oil and Magnus Radar Monitors

Magnus Radar Monitor- World’s First Battery Driven Radar Monitor

As a home heating oil supplier, we know how crucial it is to monitor your fuel level accurately. This is why we have teamed up with Magnus Smart Monitor which is the world’s first radar-based level monitoring solution. The monitor can notify us when the customer tank is running low on heating oil and this way we can make sure that our customers never run out of oil.

What is Magnus radar Monitor?

MAGNUS is an incredibly high accuracy level monitor that can remotely monitor tanks up to 4m in height. The battery-driven solution is low-powered when compared to expensive mains wired solutions and can measure at a high frequency for 5 years. The monitor is unaffected by environmental factors such as temperature, dust or humidity, which means that even in varying weather conditions, the readings can be relied on and are highly accurate: +/- 5mm to a range of 4 metres.

Magnus Monitors

How does it work?

After your meter is installed we will be able to monitor the level of your heating oil tank. When your level of oil is low we will get a notification from your smart meter with a warning that you need a top-up.  We will then send you a text message to notify you and give you a delivery date for your oil top-up. If you are not home on the scheduled day, you can always call us back and we will arrange a different day for you. By installing this smart meter Klass Oil guarantees that you will never run out of oil again!

How to get one installed?

  • Magnus Smart Meter is only available to Klass Oil direct debit customers. (Customer must sign Direct Debit mandate)
  • There is no charge to use the meter for the first 6 months, therefore after first 6 months monthly fee is €3 plus your direct debit payment.
  • Customers will always be charged 1000L rate for their oil which is the best rate you can get when purchasing your oil from us.
  • The installation fee is €50 plus VAT and it is paid upfront.
  • Your bill will be split equally over the 12 months.

Benefits of using Magnus Smart Meter

Eliminates heating oil run outs

Klass Oil will see a predicted run-out date based on your estimated usage so you will never run out again.

Eliminates dipping the oil tank

No more dipping the tank and worrying about running out. We will monitor your oil level 24/7/365.

Eliminates bleeding the boiler

Plumber call out to bleed the boiler can cost up to €150, with Magnus Smart Meter we guarantee that you will never have to bleed your boiler again

Magnus Meter

Frequently asked questions

What kind of tank can the monitor be installed on?

The monitor is suitable for all types of plastic container up to 3.5m in height, metal tanks must come equipped with a gauge hole for the monitor to access container’s interior.

How long does the battery typically last?

Battery life is dependent on several conditions but, within outlined parameters relating to temperature and frequency of messaging, the battery will last 5 years.

How accurate is the monitor?

The accuracy of the monitor is ±5mm.

What is the typical measurement range?

The monitor measures from 0.15 – 4m in range.

Is the monitor sensitive to its environment?

No, the radar monitor is unaffected by environmental factors such as temperature or humidity.

How do you install the monitor and is it easy to install?

On a plastic tank, installation is as simple as applying some of the recommended sealant and placing the monitor in the correct position as outlined in instructions.

How does the monitor work?

The monitor uses radar to measure the height of the contents in the container.

I have a number of tanks piped together, will the Magnus Monitor work in this scenario?

Certainly, the Magnus can be used on multiple piped tanks as long as the volume of oil in the tanks drops at an equal level in each tank. You can place the monitor on one of the tanks in the same fashion as a single tank installation.