KLASS OIL 2024 Calendar Competition

Klass Oil Calendar

THE 2024 KLASS OIL Calendar Competition is now open for entries to both professionals and amateurs who are interested in photography.

There are plenty of categories available. Scenic and Landscape photos should reflect the seasons and different times of the year in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and events such as Christmas Day, St Patrick’s Day or Halloween.

Photos that reflect some of Irelands thriving sectors such as agriculture.

Another option is photographs that highlight the many different species of nature and animals that are to be found in Ireland, like squirrels, birds, butterflies, and deer.

Other photos that may not fit into the above criteria, but that you feel would merit publication in the calendar, will also be considered.

The photographer of the winning photograph will receive a prize of €500 and the photographers of the other 11 featured photographs will receive a prize of €50 each. Additionally each photographer will have their name featured on their photograph in the calendar.

Competition Rules

  • The contact form must include the photographer’s name, address, email and daytime contact number.
  • Maximum 5 entries per person.
  • Photos must be taken in landscape and the location of the photo and an approximate date of when it was taken should be provided in the image title. I.E. ” Wicklow Mountains, February”
  • Each photograph must be a minimum of 2,400 x 3,000 pixels in digital format or have a minimum file size of 2.5mb and no greater than 5mb.
  • On entering the competition the photographer agrees to provide Klass Oil full permission to use selected photos in the KLASS OIL  2024 Calendar including other KLASS Group, www.klassoil.ie and on Facebook.
  • Permission to use a photo must be given from any person or people featured in a photo.
  • Entries who are under 18 years of age must have full parental consent.
  • The closing date for entries is Tuesday, August 1, 2023.

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